Marieke Rietbergen


Design Innovation Group (DIG) · The Netherlands

Marieke is founder of Design Innovation Group. Marieke fell in love with the design process to bring lasting social change and innovation. Co-creating a world in balance, DIG focuses on societal challenges such as creating a circular economy, energy transition, (elderly) care and education. Recently DIG took over the international brand ‘butterfly works’ in order expand our co-creative design and strategic activities in the international realm. DIG works with governments, (international) NGO's and companies that seek new business models and opportunities in the societal changes we are in. Through our work we make needed change desirable and smooth as we work with the people affected by these changes and use design thinking, imagination and co-creation to make the changes real. Marieke is excited by the weird and wonderful, stories and imagination that make one smile.  


Portrait: ©Rogier Veldman