Clint Nagata

Founder & Creative Partner

BLINK Design Group · Singapore

As Founder and Creative Partner, Clint Nagata’s passion for travel, hospitality and design is the inspiration behind BLINK Design Group’s vision. Born and raised in the Hawaiian island of Oahu in a Japanese American family, he has spent a lifetime imagining concepts, delivering smart and considered spaces, and wowing guests in some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

After 13 years with WATG in Honolulu, Clint relocated to Thailand 17 years ago. BLINK has since expanded its presence in Asia with studios in Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai and Portugal, and in 2017 acquired the Jaya Interior Design Business (JID). Clint spearheads a collective of bold thinkers with an open-minded approach that nourishes collaboration and creativity.

Under a guiding philosophy he has dubbed ‘placemaking’, Clint steers projects from conception through to completion based on big ideas rooted in a deep dive into the culture, people, and design vernacular of a place.